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What This Is

What This Is published on

Jakob Writes Super Sad Short Stories is a collection of comics that are…
Super Sad. Usually.
These will all be fairly short, and they will be posted in their entirety, as they are completed.
There is no update schedule. These are things that I do in between other work and for myself.

I want people to be able to enjoy these (well, as much as possible) but there’s going to be a fair bit of emotionally trying content-
I will be posting content warnings under the cover image for every story.
If it looks like something you want to skip, there are navigational buttons that will take you to the cover image of the next story.

If you have a content marker that you think I should include,
please email me at jakob @ with the subject “Content Warning: [Story Name]”

If you’re interested in what I do In the time I don’t classify as “Spare,”
go ahead and give a click to any of the links scattered around this page!

You Made It!

You Made It! published on

This is the landing page!

I feel like it is safe to assume that you are here because you would like to read things.
If that is the case, then there is currently one story, and you can click RIGHT HERE to read it.
This collection of comics will have an irregular and very, very slow update schedule.
As a result, I strongly suggest you follow JWSSSS on either Comic Rocket or Tapastic.
That way you don’t need to remember to come back and check for updates.

If you like what I make and want to see more of it, more frequently, please consider becoming a Patron!